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Product Features
Product Features

1. While travelling along the specified route from the beginning till the end with the vehicle stated in the ticket, the insured will get indemnity for his/her death/injury directly or indirectly due to the stated vehicle unless the insured suffers/commits the followings:

  • Pre-existing diseases and handicaps
  • Insane     
  • Suicide
  • Voluntary act of bodily injury      
  • Abortion    
  • Involvement in dangerous/reckless act     
  • Violation of law to commit a crime   
  • Usage of illegal drugs   
  • War ,strike, riot and civil commotion   

2. The beneficiary will be compensated up to 3,000,000 Kyats upon the  death of  the insured and up to 2,400,000 Kyats proportionally upon the extent of injury occurred to the insured.

3. The beneficiary is required to submit the claim during one year since the insured’s death and during two years since the injury occurred to the insured.


Who can buy group life insurance?
Any Group of 5 employees and above can buy a group policy of life assurance in case of death/total permanent disability(or) any loss of/damage to body.

How much is the policy worth?
The value of the policy (i.e sum insured amount of policy) starts from 10,000 kyats and can increase up to 5,000,000 kyats depending on the choice of policy holder.

How much premium does the policy owner incur?
The premium is just 1% of the value of the policy (i.e sum insured amount of the policy)

How long does the policy cover?
The group life assurance policy covers one year. Once the premium is paid, the policy will commence immediately.

Does the member of policy holders need any medical check-up?
Yes, for any member over 45years old and for any policy worth over 1,000,000kyats, he/she is necessary to do medical check-up at authorized medical center.

Why do we choose IKBZ Insurance Co., ltd ?
Giving confidence in the trustworthiness Giving priority for customer's Needs. A quick and easy claim process. Group Life Insurance IKBZ Insurance You Can Rely on.

Who should insure comprehensive motor insurance?
Everybody who owns any vehicle registered.

Why do we buy motor insurance from IKBZ?
IKBZ offers comprehensive motor insurance that alleviate suffering for death and damage from undesirable and unexpected accidents although in seeking security.

What does the comprehensive policy cover?
The comprehensive policy from IKBZ covers

1)  accidental collision
2)  fire(external explosion, self-ignition, lightening)
3)  Strike, Riots and Civil Commotion
4)  Impact damage due to falling objects

And then the extra covers available are;

1)  Wind Screen
2)  Acts of Gods
3)  War Risk
4)  Theft

How much premium do we pay?
Premium varies from0.67%to1.2% based on;

1)  Current value
2)  Cubic Capacity
3)  Use
4)  Terms
5)  Extra Cover

In the event of no claim being made during the policy term, the premium for following terms will be reduced from (25% up to 40%) for private car and (15% up to 25%) for commercial car. 10% discount on basic premium is offered to a fleet of 10 vehicles and above.

How can we apply?
IKBZ Insurance Co., Ltd is always within your reach operating 14 branches all over Myanmar. Contact our hot line numbers, fill out proposal, bring your vehicle to IKBZ and your vehicles will be covered just after inspection and premium payment.

Why do we choose IKBZ Insurance Co., ltd ?
Giving confidence in the trustworthiness Giving priority for customer's Needs. A quick and easy claim process. motor Insurance

How to Claim?
How to Claim?

We are here for you and want to help you recover from your loss as quickly as possible. To expedite the process, please notify us as soon as safely possible following a loss event. If you are a Weston policyholder with a loss claim, you can notify us via one of the following methods:

Claims Customer Service: 01 237000
E-mail :

If you are notifying us of a claim via e-mail, please include your policy number and the best phone number on which to reach you. Thank you.

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