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Terms & Conditions

Maximum payout is 3 times average monthly balance in previous month subject to a maximum payout of 300,000 MMK per life.

  • The eligibility criteria is 3 merchant transactions in the preceding month with your KBZPay account.

  • he death benefit is 3 times average KBZPay balance during month of eligibility.

  • Each life is covered to a maximum of 100,000 MMK average KBZPay balance, it means a maximum payout of 300,000 MMK.

  • A claim can be made up to 6 months after the date of death of the eligible KBZPay customer.

  • All benefits accruing under the schemes offered herein shall be payable once for each life and any claimant/benefit recipient hereby agrees that they shall hold no further claims on any benefits once such a claim is paid and shall hold all providers of such benefits including without limitation KBZ Bank, free from additional claims. The claimant/benefit recipient once paid a claim under the schemes offered, shall hold all providers of such benefits including without limitation KBZ Bank, indemnified against any third party claims that may occur due to any reason whatsoever pertaining to benefits ascribable to said each life.

  • Coverage applies anywhere.

  • KBZ Bank reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions, benefits and eligibility of this scheme at any time.

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How to Claims

  • Qualifying claimant/beneficiary can make a claim by sending pictures of any kind of official dead proof or death certificate of the KBZPay account holder, deceased’s NRC and Claimant’s NRC and deceased’s KBZPay account phone no, to the IKBZ Viber number below

  • In case of questions, Contact :
         Tel:        012307120
         Mobile:  09449777700
         Viber:    09449777700
         Email:    info@kbzpaylifeinsurance.com